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E.S.Tech produces H2O2 vapour generators for clean room biodecontamination. Thanks to our wide knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector and its quality standards, we are able to develop decontamination systems for large and small volumes, with no need for auxiliary spreading or distributing equipment.

Our system can be easily applied also to hospital wards and surgery rooms, food industry, means of transport and anywhere a high level of hygienic standards are to be achieved.

E.S.Tech supplies all the products and the support needed to build vaporised H2O2 sterilisation plants, including all the essential equipment for an accurate installation, calibration and validation of the system.

Our generators can be used for the biodecontamination of:

• Clean rooms
• HEPA filters and biosafety cabinets
• Areas close to filling and packaging points for delicate products
• Means of transport
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